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Linis Water Hub

Combine - Connect - Enjoy
The Linis™ Water Hub™ is a centrally located water purification system that can feed purified water to multiple Water Stations™, ice machines, coffee makers and virtually any other dispensing device.  Water Hubs™ can be configured with an endless combination of filters, reverse osmosis membranes, pumps, and ports to meet any drinking water need. In addition to greater flexibility, the Linis™ Water Hub™ approach provides a high level of efficiency by reducing the number of filter sets and drain lines that must be installed and maintained in any environment that requires multiple water dispense locations.
Linis Water Hub
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Combine filter and membrane stages and add pumps, ports, meters and tanks to fit your specific water purification needs.

Filtration Options:
• Sediment
• Carbon
• 1-Micron Carbon Block
• Carbon Phosphate
• Ion Exchange
• DI Resin
• 200/400/600 GPD RO Capacity

• Protective Wraparound Housing
• Pressure Gauge
• Booster Pump
• Holding Tank
• TDS Monitor


Your Linis™ Water Hub™ can be connected to Water Stations™, Ice Makers, Coffee Makers, or just about anyplace you want pure drinking water.

Connect a Linis hub to ice makers, coffee makes, water stations


Ice cold or steaming hot. You'll enjoy a contionous supply of pure delicious water at your fingertips.

Better coffee, tea, water and ice with Linis pure water

Linis™ pure water systems are offered by the Chester Paul Company - Continuing a tradition of service for more than 60 years.
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